How to challenge

The aim of the NordPlus programme project “How to challenge an Adult to teach an Adult” is to collect information on the challenges in adult education and find ways „to cope” with them.
Main activities: a survey on challenges in adult education ( and creation a guide for adult educators to promote the exchange, compilation and dissemination of experience and knowledge in order to improve the quality of adult education.

5 partners from 3 countries collaborate in the Project:
Lithuania (project coordinator):
Kedainiai Adult Education Centre
NGO „Education Innovations Transfer Centre”
“BUTS” Ltd.
Talsu Regional Evening and External Secondary School
Falkenberg Centre of Competence

More information:


Vintere A., Cernajeva S., Koroļova J. (2014.) CHALLENGES IN WORK WITH ADULTS: THE SITUATION ANALYSIS IN LATVIA. Proceedings of the International Scientifical Conference “Society, Integration, Education”. Volume II. Rezekne, May 23th- 24th, 2014, p 248-259. ISSN 1691-5887, ISBN 978-9984-44-141-2 (CD – ISBN 978-9984-44-143-6)

Vintere A. (2013) NEW CHALLENGES FOR ADULT EDUCATORS. Collection of Internationally Reviewed Scientific Papers „Creative Personality”, Volume XI. Riga, 2013, p 124-132. ISBN 978-9934-503-13-9; ISSN 1407-6276


Partner meetings

Kedainiai, Lithuania, April 2013

Riga, Latvia, November 2013

Falkenberg, Sweden, April 2014