About us

The non-governmental organization “Education Innovation Transfer Centre” was founded in 2009 with aim to gather international issues of education and make them more accessible to the Latvians as well as enhancing learning opportunities for everyone throughout life. This non-governmental organization brings together actors of all education levels – teachers, university lecturers, formal and non-formal adult education teachers, students of education science, researchers, as well as all levels learners, etc.
Therefore, the organization’s main focus is to promote international cooperation, creating networks for the identification of innovative experiences as well as the coordination of the cooperation, to promote the educational development projects. The organization is also engaged in other activities that promote educational innovation in the promotion and transfer:

  • promotes the usage of modern educational technologies in the educational process,
  • provides recommendations for educational development,
  • forms the infrastructure for the practical implementation of educational research,
  • carries out information activities in society as an educational innovation,
  • organizes training courses for adults etc.