RECOMMENDATIONS “What should be done to promote language learning for “screen” generation”

Summing up the knowledge and experience, project partners worked out recommendations “What should be done to promote language learning for “screen” generation”. Language learning facilitation measures include several dimensions:

1. Target Decision-makers (Principles, Deputies etc.):
a) Understand that technology makes the teachers job easier;
b) Advocate provision of Equipment;
c) Ensure WiFi in classrooms and different teaching materials;
d) Organize teachers professional development;
e) etc.

2. Diversity of teaching methods:
a) Have practical approach (examples from real life, contests);
b) To promote speaking skills to use a variety of teaching methods, e.g., discussions, role plays, project method, theatre, etc.
c) To promote writing and reading skills create e-mail for the class:
1) to communicate,
2) to send written work,
3) to send extra exercises and links with interactive games, exercises, quiz, etc.
d) To promote work with information as well as reading skills to use project method:
1) To find information on a given topic;
2) To organize the information;
3) To prepare a report/ presentation; etc.

3. Media:
a) Use different cannels: websites, Facebook, local television, etc.
b) Talk about media and possible usage for language learning;
c) Organise small discussions between learners/ competitions/ group work,
d) Use e-learning platforms, etc.

4. Teachers’ professional development:
a) Continuous seminars and experience sharing;
b) Training for elders teachers;
c) Organize workshops for teachers;
d) Vocational and educational training for teachers in the framework of Erasmus+ (KA1, KA2);
e) Create motivation system, etc.

5. Extra curriculum activities for learners:
a) Organize language camps/ summer schools for learners from different countries;
b) Workshops/ competitions for learners;
c) Etc. outside activities.

6. “Create leaders!”
a) Parents – active;
b) Teachers – active;
c) Learners – leaders!

7. Language learning – share in other projects.