Over the past years, a greater emphasis has been placed by the teachers on looking at new ways to innovate and encourage an environment where learners could develop their creativity, collaboration, the use of critical thinking skills as well as enhance their motivation and engagement factor. The new generation of learners who consider smart technologies to be their everyday routine pose a challenge to create innovative approaches to education.

The main priorities of the project are the use of ICT in the education process and qualitative lessons which engage students not only to communicate but also collaborate.

Within this project cooperation partners hope to promote:

1) ensuring accessibility and legal opportunities and maximizing the development of children and young people’s education coverage to provide best opportunities to extract individual capacity;

2) to strengthen the motivation of providing opportunities for teachers and trainers to continuously improve qualifications, increasing knowledge of modern technology, etc.;

3) stimulate continuous positive experience taking over and sharing between teachers as well as other forms of exchange of educational ideas. In what way is the project innovative

Project implementation period: September, 2014 – August, 2016

Expected results of the project:

✔ Shared experience

✔Transnational seminars (4)

✔A website in all project partners national languages

✔ Toolkit of attractive language teaching – which will consist of good practice examples, video lessons, tests, description of the methodologies for language teaching, etc.

✔Language teachers network – space and opportunity to communicate, share experience etc.