1.1. Vocabulary. Meansoftransport.

    1.1. Vocabulary. Meansoftransport.   

  1. Studythe „Means of transport“ vocabularyandinserttranslationinyourmothertongue.

(aero)plane[ˈeərəpleɪn]nouna heavier-than-airpoweredflyingvehiclewithfixedwings

(transl. __________________________)

articulated lorry(BrE)[ɑ:′tɪkjuleɪtɪd′lɔrɪ] noun/ tractor-trailer[′træktə′treɪlə]

nouna largelorry/truckwithtwosections, oneinfrontwherethedriversitsandone

behindforcarryinggoods(transl. __________________________)

(bi)cycle[′baɪsɪkəl]nouna vehiclewith a tubularmetalframemountedontwospokedwheels, onebehindtheother. Theridersitson a saddle, propelsthevehiclebymeansofpedalsthatdrivetherearwheelthrough a chain, andsteerswithhandlebarsonthefrontwheel (Oftenshortened to cycle, (informal) bike(transl. __________________________)

boat[bəʊt]nouna vehicle (smallerthan a ship) thattravelsonwater, movedbyoars, sailsor a motor(transl. __________________________)

breakdown truck(BrE)[′breɪkdauntrʌk] noun/ tow truck(especially NAmE)

[′təutrʌk]nouna truckthatisusedfortakingcarsaway to be repairedwhentheyhave

had a breakdown (transl. ___________________________________)

bulldozer[′buldəuzə]nouna powerfulvehiclewith a broadsteelbladeinfront, usedformovingearthorknockingdownbuildings(transl.________________________)

bus [bʌs] noun(BrE also coach)[kəutʃ]nouna largeroadvehiclethatcarriespassengers, especiallyonethattravelsalong a fixedrouteandstopsregularly to letpeoplegetonandoff

(transl. _______________________)

cable car [′keɪblkɑ:]nouna vehiclethathangsfromandispulledby a movingcableandthatcarriespassengersupanddown a mountain(transl. ________________________)

camper(BrE)[′kæmpə]noun/ recreational vehicle(RV) (NAmE) [‚rekrɪ′eɪʃnəl′vi:ɪkl]nouna largevehicledesignedforpeople to liveandsleepinwhenthey are travelling

(transl. _________________________________)

canoe[kəˈnuː]nouna long narrow boat that you push through the water using a paddle

(transl. _________________________________)

car[kɑː]nounA roadvehicle, typicallywithfourwheels, poweredbyaninternal-combustionengineandable tocarry a smallnumberofpeople(transl. _________________________)

caravan(BrE) [′kærəvæn] noun / camper(NAmE) [′kæmpə]nouna roadvehiclewithoutanenginethatispulledby a car, designedforpeople to liveandsleepin, especiallywhenthey are onholiday/vacation  (transl. ____________________________)

catamaran [ˌkætəməˈræn]nouna ​sailing ​boat that has two ​parallel ​hulls

(= ​floating ​parts) ​held together by a ​single ​deck (= ​flat ​surface)

(transl. ____________________________)

cement mixer [sɪ′ment′mɪksə]nouna machinewith a drumthatholdssand, waterandcementandturns to mixthemtogether(transl. ________________________________)

coach[kəʊtʃ]nouna comfortable bus for carrying passengers over long distances

(transl. ________________________________)

dinghy [ˈdɪŋɡi]nouna small boat for recreation or racing, especially an open boat with a

mast and sails (transl. ________________________________)

double-decker[,dʌbl′dekə]nouna bus withtwofloors, oneontopoftheother(transl._______________________)

dumper truck[′dʌmpətrʌk]noun(NAmE alsodump truck)[dʌmptrʌk]nouna vehicle

forcarryingearth, stones, etc. in a containerwhichcan be liftedupfortheload to fallout

(transl. ________________________)

excavator[′ekskəveɪtə]nouna largemachinethatisusedfordiggingandmovingearth

(transl. ___________________________)

ferry[ˈfɛri]nounalsoferryboat[ˈferɪbəʊt] nounA boat or ship for conveying passengers and goods, especially over a relatively short distance and as a regular service

(transl. ___________________________)

forklift truck [′fɔ:klɪfttrʌk]nouna vehiclewithspecialequipmentonthefrontformovingandliftingheavyobjects  (transl._______________________________)

forestrycarrier [ˈfɒrəstriˈkærɪə]   noun a vehiclethatisdesigned to workin a widefield

offorestryapplicationsandcarry wood  (transl.________________________)                     

freight train[freɪttreɪn]noun(BrE alsogoods train) [gudztreɪn]nounatrainthatcarriesonlygoods  (transl._________________________________)

freighter[ˈfreɪtə]noun1. A large ship or aircraft designed to carry goods in bulk.

  1. A person who loads, receives, or forwards goods for transport

(transl. 1.___________________________2.__________________________)

frontendloader [frʌntendˈləʊdə]nouna loaderhaving a shovelorbucket at theendofanarticulatedarmlocated at thefrontofthevehicle(transl._______________________)

funicular[fju′nɪkjulə]nouna railwayon a steep slope, used to transportpassengersupanddowninspecialcarsbymeansof a movingcable (transl._______________________)

helicopter [ˈhɛlɪˌkɒptə]nounanaircraftcapableofhover, verticalflight, andhorizontalflightinanydirection(transl._______________________)

high-speed train [′haɪ′spi:dtreɪn]nouna railway/railroadenginepulling a numberofcoaches/carsortrucks, takingpeopleandgoodsfromoneplace to another. It is a typeofpassengerrailtransportthatoperatessignificantlyfasterthantraditionalrailtraffic


hovercraft [ˈhɒvəkrɑːft] nounavehicle or craft that travels over land or water on

a cushion of air provided by a downward blast (transl.____________________)

hydrofoil[ˈhaɪdrəfɔɪl]nouna boat whose hull is fitted underneath with shaped vanes

(foils) which lift the hull clear of the water at speed(transl.___________________)

jeep[dʒi:p]nouna smallstrongvehicleused, especiallybythearmy, fordrivingover


jet[dʒɛt]nouna plane driven by jet engines(transl.________________________)

kayak[ˈkaɪæk]nouna canoe of a type used originally by the Inuit, made of a light

frame with a watertight covering having a small opening in the top to sit in (transl._________________)

liner[ˈlʌɪnə]nouna large luxurious passenger ship of a type formerly used on a regular line (transl.________________________)

loggingtruck [ˈlɒɡɪŋtrʌk]   nounortimbertruck(especiallyNAmE)

[ˈtɪmbətrʌk]nouna timberlorryorlogtruckis a largetruckused to carrylogs.

Somehaveintegratedflatbeds, some are discretetractorunits, andsome are

configured to spread a loadbetweenthetractorunitand a dolliedtrailerpulled

behind it(transl.____________________________)

lorry(BrE)[′lɔrɪ]noun/ truck (especially NAmE)[trʌk]nouna  largevehicleforcarryingheavyloadsbyroad (transl. __________________________)

minibus[′mɪnɪbʌs]nouna smallvehiclewithseatsforabouttwelvepeople (transl._______________________)

moped(BrE) [ˈməʊpɛd]nouna lightmotorcycle, notover 50cc(transl._______________________)

motorboat[ˈməʊtəbəʊt]nounA boat powered by a motor (transl._________________)

motorcycle[ˈməʊtəsʌɪk(ə)l]nouna two-wheeled vehicle that is powered by a motor and has no pedals(transl._______________________)

passenger train [ˈpæsɪndʒətreɪn]nouna train that carries passengers (transl._________________________________________)

pickup (alsopickup truck) [′pɪkʌp]nouna vehiclewithlowsidesandnoroof at thebackused, forexample, byfarmers(transl. __________________________)

raft [rɑːft]nouna flat buoyant structure of timber or other materials fastened together, used as a boat or floating platform(transl. __________________________)

rowingboat[ˈraʊɪŋbəʊt]nouna ​small ​boat that is ​moved by ​pulling ​oars

(= ​poles with ​flat ​ends) through the ​water(transl. _____________________________)

sailboat[ˈseɪlˌbot]nouna boat with sails(transl. _____________________________)

single-decker[,sɪŋgl′dekə]nouna bus withonlyonelevel (transl.____________________________)

school bus  [sku:lbʌs]nouna publicly or privately owned vehicle that is used for taking  schoolchildren to and from school or school-related activities

(transl. _____________________________)

seaplane [ˈsiːpleɪn]nounan aircraft with floats or skis instead of wheels, designed to land

onand take off from water(transl. _____________________________)

ship[ʃɪp]nouna ​large ​boat for ​travelling on ​water, ​especially ​across the ​sea (transl.__________________)

speedboat [ˈspiːdbəʊt]nouna motor boat designed for high speed

(transl. _____________________________)

sportscar[spɔːtskɑː]nouna ​fast, ​low ​car, often for two ​people only

(transl. _____________________________)

submarine / sub [ˈsʌbməˌriːn]nouna vessel, esponedesignedforwarfare, capableofoperatingforprotractedperiodsbelowthesurfaceoftheseaOftenshortened to sub

(transl. _____________________________)

surfboard[ˈsɜːfbɔːd]nouna long, narrow shaped board used in surfing

(transl. __________________________)

tanker  [′tæŋkə]nouna shiporlorry/truckthatcarriesoil, gasorpetrol/gasinlargequantities


taxi[′tæksɪ]noun(alsocab, taxicab) [kæb][′tæksɪkæb]nouna carwith a driverthatyoupay to take yousomewhere. Taxisusuallyhavemeterswhichshowhowmuchmoneyyouhave to pay (transl.__________________________)

tractor  [′træktə]nouna powerfulvehiclewithtwolargeandtwosmallerwheels, usedespeciallyforpullingfarmmachinery(transl. __________________________)

trailer  [ˈtreɪlə]nouna roadvehicle, usuallytwo-wheeled,towedby a motorvehicle: usedfortransportingboats, etc; thepartofanarticulatedlorrythatisdrawnbythecab(transl.____________________________)

train[treɪn]nouna ​railway ​engine ​connected to​carriages for ​carrying ​people or to ​wheeled ​containers for ​carrying ​goods (transl. _________________________)

tram(Br E)[træm]noun/ streetcar(US)[′stri:tkɑ:]nouna vehicledrivenbyelectricity, thatrunsonrailsalongthestreetsof a townandcarriespassengers (transl.________________________)

transporter[træn′spɔ:tə]nouna largevehicleusedforcarryingheavyobjects, forexampleothervehicles (transl. __________________________)

trawler[ˈtrɔː.lər]nouna ​large ​boat that uses a ​wide, cone-shaped ​net to ​catch ​fish

(transl. __________________________)

underground(BrE)[′ʌndəgraund]noun/ subway(NAmE) [′sʌbweɪ]noun

anundergroundrailway/railroadsystemin a city(transl._____________________)

van[væn]nouna coveredvehiclewithnosidewindowsinitsbackhalf, usuallysmallerthan a lorry/truck, usedforcarryinggoodsorpeople (transl.__________________________)

yacht [jɒt]nouna vesselpropelledbysailorpower, usedespforpleasurecruising, racing, etc. (transl.__________________________)

  1. Studythe „General words for transportation – synonyms or related words“ vocabularyandinserttranslationinyourmothertongue.

arrivals[əˈraɪvl̩z] nounplanes, trains, or buses that have just arrived at a place after a journey(transl.__________________________)

bus lane[ bʌs leɪn] nounspecial part of the road only for buses(transl.__________________________)

bus route[bʌs ruːt ] nounthe journey the bus does (transl.__________________________)

bus stop [ bʌs stɒp]  noun where the bus stops for people to get on or get off (also tram stop)


communication[kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃn̩]nouna transport system for taking people or goods from one place to another(transl.__________________________)

commute [kəˈmjuːt]nounthe journey to work and back (transl._______________________)

conveyance[kənˈveɪəns]nounformal the process of moving people, animals, or goods from one place to another(transl.__________________________)

departure [dɪˈpɑːtʃə]nouna plane, bus, or train that leaves a place at a particular time(transl.__________________________)

freight[freɪt]nounthe transport system that carries goods(transl.______________________)

haulage[ˈhɔːlɪdʒ] nounthe business of carrying goods by road or railway, or the cost of doing this(transl.__________________________)

journey[ˈdʒɜːni]nounthe trip between the start and end (transl._______________________)

link[ lɪŋk] nouna mean of travel or communication connecting two or more places(transl.__________________________)

mass transit[mæs ˈtrænsɪt]nounpublic transport, especially in a city or town(transl.__________________________)

one-day return[wʌn deɪ rɪˈtɜːn]nounwhen you go and come back the same day(transl.__________________________)

public transport[ˈpʌblɪk ˈtrænspɔːt]nounbuses, trains etc that everyone can use. The American word is public transportation(transl.__________________________)

railway station[ˈreɪlweɪˈsteɪʃn̩] nounwhere you get on or off a train (also tube station)(transl.__________________________)

season ticket [ˈsiːzn̩ kɑːd]nouna train ticket where you can go by train every day for a month, or a year(transl.__________________________)

service [ˈsɜːvɪs]nouna bus, train, ship, or plane that goes regularly to a particular place or at a particular time(transl.__________________________)

shuttle [ˈʃʌtl̩]nouna bus, train, or plane that makes frequent short journeys between two places(transl.__________________________)

single or a return (ticket)[ˈsɪŋɡl̩ɔː rɪˈtɜːn ˈtɪkɪt] nouna bus, train or air ticket to go only (single) or to go and come back (return)(transl.__________________________)

traffic jam[ˈtræfɪk dʒæm] nounwhen there are too many cars, buses etc and everything goes slowly – or stops(transl.__________________________)

transit [ˈtrænsɪt]noun a system of buses, trains etc that people use to travel around a particular city or area(transl.__________________________)

transport  [trænsˈpɔːt] noun1. the business of moving people or things from one place to another, usually using buses or trains. 2. a method of travelling or moving things from one place to another. 3. the process of moving people or things from one place to another, usually in a vehicle(transl.__________________________)

transportation[ˌtrænspɔːˈteɪʃn̩]noun1. the activity of moving people or things from one place to another, or the system used for doing this. 2. mainly american the activity of travelling from one place to another. 3. mainly american a method of travelling from one place to another(transl.__________________________)

travel card[ˈtrævl̩ kɑːd]nouna card where you can make multiple journeys in one day, for example on the London tube(transl.__________________________)

III. Studythe „Transportation Phrases“ vocabulary.

You get on and get off a bus, train, plane, bike, boat, etc. This is because you need to take a step up to get on the means of transport.

You get in and get out of a car, or taxi.

You can travel or go by bike, train, car, tube. But you travel on or go on foot (=walk).

You can drive a car, taxi or train.

You ride a bike, motorbike or horse.

You fly a plane.

Common error

Don’t say “I take my car to work”. Say “I drive to work” or “I go to work by car” or “I travel to work by car”.

  1. Studythe „Car types“ vocabularyandinserttranslationinyourmothertongue.

convertible[kən′və:təbl]noun(Of a car) having a folding or detachable roof

(transl. __________________________)

saloon(BrE)/ sedan(NAmE) [sə′lu:n] [sɪ′dæn]nouna car having a closed body and a closed boot separated from the part in which the driver and passengers sit

(transl. ______________________)

hatchback[′hætʃbæk]nouna car with a door across the full width at the back end that opens upwards to provide easy access for loading  (transl. ____________________________)

people carrier(BrE)/ minivan(NAmE) [′pi:pl′kærɪə] [′mɪnɪvæn]nouna small van

(transl. _____________________________)

four-wheel drive[fɔ:wi:ldraɪv] nouna vehicle with four-wheel drive, typically designed for off-road driving (transl. ____________________________________)

estate car (BrE)/ station wagon(NAmE)[ɪ′steɪtkɑ:] [′steɪʃn,wægən] nouna car with a large carrying area behind the seats, accessed by a door at the rear(transl. _________________)